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The Biomechanics of Golf

Introduction to 3D Motion Analysis

A New Online Course for Golf Instructors and Professionals

Science and Application

This course uses real instructional examples to help you better understand the 3D motions and forces of the golf swing. It is designed so you can apply concepts to your teaching regardless of whether or not you utilize a 3D system.

Take an online course with us.

  • IMPROVE your understanding of the 3D motions and forces of the golf swing
  • EXPERIENCE real instructional examples that can be applied to your teaching and Enhance Communication with Your Students
  • ACCESS course content at any time from anywhere during your 8-week course section, with an additional 4 weeks of access for review
  • EXPLORE swings in 3D with free downloads of the software used in the course
  • EARN a completion certificate and continuing education credits (Pre-Approved for 4 LPGA CUs, 20 PGA MSRs, and 100 UK PGA CPDs)

Developed by Experts

This course was created by a team of biomechanists and golf instructors with over 60 years of experience in exercise science and golf instruction.

Eric Handley, PGA
Director, Golf Teaching & Research Center • Penn State

Dr. Michael Duffey

Dr. Robert Neal
Founder/CEO • Golf BioDynamics

Section Overviews

Introduction to 3D Motion Analysis

Provides a background of biomechanics as well as technology use in golf and other sports

3D Motion Analysis Systems

Explains how 3D systems work. It covers both optical and electromagnetic 3D motion analysis systems as well as force plates.

3D Model Creation

Shows how 3D systems are used and how 3D models of a golfer are created. It covers system set up and shows what the golfer experience is like during an assessment or instructional session. In this section, you will get to meet the golfers that we will follow throughout the course.

Visual Assessment of 3D Data

Shows how 3D systems can be used for visual assessment as well as interaction with the golfer. The section also provides insight on how to make 2D video assessment more accurate and reliable. As a part of this section, you will be able to download the GEARS software and sample swings.

Biomechanical Assessment of 3D Data

Covers the fundamental 3D movement and force patterns in the golf swing. Emphasis is given to what patterns are important and why. As part of this section, you will get to download Visual 3D and the 3D report of one of our golfers. You will be able to view his swing, his 3D report, and perform your own assessment.

Applications in Teaching

Finally, this section emphasizes the interaction options for 3D in a lesson. You’ll get to see a 3D assessment as well as a biofeedback session with a golfer using the Golf BioDynamics system.

Sample Videos

Sections Now Available

  • Work at your own pace
  • Access content at any time from anywhere during the 8-week course
  • Curriculum access for an additional 4 weeks for review or just in case you need more time

Starting February 11, 2019

Access through May 6, 2019

Early Registration until 2/4/2019: $429

Full Registration starting 2/5/2019: $449

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